This website was origionally started by a US Army Ranger from the 2nd Ranger Battalion. He wanted to specialize in high quality optics that were known for their reliablity and high quality because as a Ranger he didn't want to use anything else.

Now it is ran by two young gun nuts from the Stillwater OK area. One is a young businessman and the other is still in elementary, but don't let that fool. They are serious about selling you the scopes and optics you need.

Other than that you can see from our customer feedback that we are a business you can really trust to work with on the internet. Customer feedback. So take take a look around and see what kind of rifle scope you should buy because is where the best rifle scopes are sold.

You should probably also know that we are a dropshipper. Which means normally we will just send the scope straight from our supplier to you so that it is handled one less time and arrives in the best condition possible!

If you don't see what you are looking for E-mail us, and there's a fair chance that we can get what you are looking for as long as its a high quality item.

Credit Cards Protection
To see more about how your information is encrypted and protected please click here. We understand many people are anxious about using their credit card on the internet. We used to feel the same way. However, as technology has increased, and we began to research online shopping we found that shopping online is as safe as using your credit card around town, provided you are shopping with a reputable company. Your information is encrypted when it is sent to us, and then it is stored on restricted-access computers located at restricted-access sites. One month after your order is processed Yahoo automatically removes your credit card number from our website. You can feel comfortable buying from us today because shopping online is safe and secure and we are committed to keeping your information safe.

Happy Hunting.

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